Northumberland and Durham

I always hear lots of positive comments by staff and students about this program. We love having Carol and Sadie here!

Ms. Mundy, Principal
Lester B. Pearson Public School, Ajax, Ontario

Janet's reception here, with April, was wonderful - our students were engaged in her classroom visits and we know thoughtful discussions took place afterwards - caring, compassion and empathy are traits we wish to reinforce in all our citizens.

Sunset Heights Public School, Oshawa, Ontario

Thank you for giving us this opportunity. What I appreciate the most was Janet's ability to make the presentations appropriate to the various grades. Students were always engaged.

Mr. B. Bradley, Vice-Principal
Adelaide McLaughlin Public School, Oshawa, Ontario

We really enjoyed the presentations! The program was very well received by the students. The students were engaged and interested and wanted to participate in the presentation.

Beau Valley Public School, Oshawa, Ontario

The students loved it - they are still asking about April! The staff had great things to say about the presentations - well done!

Ms. Beath, Principal
Dr. Emily Stowe Public School, Courtice, Ontario

Janet's presentation was excellent. Important information was presented in a clear, factual manner. The students remained engaged throughout.

Central Public School, Port Hope, Ontario

This was an interesting, age appropriate presentation. The students really enjoyed it. Janet had a lovely manner with the children.

Athabasca Public School, Oshawa, Ontario

Janet's lessons on kindness and empathy were well received. The students were engaged. It is so important that children develop a strong sense of empathy for animals and people. Thank you!

Dr. S. J. Phillips Public School, Oshawa, Ontario

Carol and Sadie are always welcome visitors to our school. Carol provides great information and understanding on how our students can take care of their own pets, as well as the issues that responsible pet ownership requires. Sadie provides the unconditional acceptance that each chid loves to experience. Between them, they give each child an awareness of the meaning of empathy and kindness. We look forward to their next visit.

Ms. Douglas
E.B. Phin Public School, Pickering, Ontario

Many thanks for providing the "Values Through Humane Education" program to our school. We have a large population of students between JK and Grade 8. Carol tailored the program to meet the needs of each of our thirty-five classes. Sadie was a joy to have in the building to accompany Carol. Thank you!

Ms. McAuley
Carruthers' Creek Public School, Ajax, Ontario

As always, we enjoyed our time with the kindness program. Our students love interacting with Sadie. It is always educational and informative.

Roland Michener P.S., Durham District School Board, Ajax, Ontario

Avery worthwhile program. The message of respecting animals and really all living things, resounded loud and clear; Sadie and Carol were a big hit!

Mr. Fitchett
Southwood Park P.S. Ajax, Ontario

The Kindness Program was a beautifully crafted child-centered presentation. The presenters (Megan and Bella, Marry-Anne and Mya), paced the information according to the respective grade level and allowed for student participation. Some children who were previously scared of or dubious of dogs felt more comfortable in their company. The simplicity of the program was refreshing.

Jacquie Albright, Curriculum Coverage Teacher
St. Christopher’s Catholic School, Durham, Ontario

I have enjoyed Carol and Sadie’s visit for many years, at many schools. As Carol says, “Kindness and respect can change the world”. Her message is clearly illustrated through her words and actions and as she references, Sadie. The students enhance their knowledge and understanding of kindness through their visits with Carol and Sadie. Thank you!

Ms. K. Ovenden, Principal
Gandatsetiagon Public School, Pickering, Ontario

Ottawa and Area

A great big thank you to Jennifer and Honey for wonderful presentations to our K-6 classes. Students were very engaged and had the opportunity to share their experiences. Presentations were very well received by all. Thank you.

Lise Powell, Principal
St. Clare Catholic School, Orleans, Ontario

Farley Mowat Public School and its staff have a big focus on character education and being kind and respectful. The Kindness Program is a wonderful way to reinforce what our students are learning. Jennifer is a wonderful representative for your program – always kind and gentle!

Farley Mowat Public School, Nepean, Ontario

The presentations were excellent and tailored for each grade level. There was excellent use of visuals and students were invited to participate. The presenter was able to develop an excellent rapport with the students and clearly explained the importance of pet care. We thank you very much.

Ms. Fagan, Principal
Robert Bateman Public School, Ottawa, Ontario

We all "love" having Jennifer come to visit us. The children learn so much about caring and respecting living things.

Prince of Peace School, Ottawa, Ontario

Your workshops were very well presented and certainly met specific curriculum expectations and real life situations in Social Studies and Sciences. Thank you to two obviously very dedicated persons. You certainly have pedagogical talent!

Johanne Parent, Teacher
Terry Fox E.S., Orleans, Ontario

Thank you for such a wonderful program! Although The Kindness Program is not new to our students, it is always well received. The simple messages are taken and understood by each respective grade. Jennifer's approach/manner is enough to captivate the attention of our most challenged students.

C. Van Putten, Teacher
Sacred Heart Catholic School, Cornwall, Ontario

The modelling and teaching of kindness to animals has a profound effect on a child's character development. The Kindness Program is a wonderful fit with the value we try to teach students at Fallingbrook School. We would love to invite Jennifer, Smokey, and Honey back to our school next year.

Mrs. E. Lawlis, Teacher
Fallingbrook Community Elementary School, Orleans, Ontario

The Kindness Program has become a valued addition to the community partners who contribute to the education of Carleton Heights' students. Smokey's presence and the story of his life captivated our students and helped in their understanding of empathy, compassion, caring, and kindness. The presentation was enjoyed and appreciated by students and staff.

Mr. Taylor, Principal
Carleton Heights Public School, Ottawa, Ontario

What an excellent presentation and a great message about kindness and respect for all living things. The students were engaged and loved to see 'Honey', the new addition to your family. Once again, thanks so much for your visit to Holy Cross.

Susan Thibault, Principal
Holy Cross School, Ottawa, Ontario

Always a pleasure having Jennifer and her dog (Teddy) visit our school. Her calm and gentle demeanor with students exemplifies how kindness to animals and others should be demonstrated. All presentations are geared to the age of students. Enjoyed by all!

Ms. L. Powell, Principal
Chapel Hill Catholic Public School, Orleans, Ontario

This wonderful program, and the dedication of Ms. Jennifer and her beautiful four-legged companions, are inspiring and engaging for students of all ages, interests and abilities. The messages delivered fit in perfectly with the Gospel Values. The St. Peter 7/8 Religion Department is always grateful for these visits.

Ms. Maillot
St. Peter Catholic High School, Ottawa, Ontario

Toronto and Area

What a wonderful experience for our students! Bella and Megan were a pleasure to host. The students were highly engaged and excited. It was a super learning opportunity for all students. Wish we could have her visit everyday!

St. Rose of Lima, Scarborough, Ontario

Thank you Susan for bringing The Kindness Program to Rene Gordon. The staff and students benefitted from the work you did in the classrooms. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Jeff Little, Principal
Rene Gordon Public School, North York, Ontario

We feel The Kindness Program is a very valuable experience for our students – particularly those who may not have as much exposure to animals. The program is very well run and the content extremely educational – we appreciate it!

North Agincout Public School, Scarborough, Ontario

This program directly supports the values and character education goals of our school. Mistrel is an ideal animal to represent the kindness and humanity in all of us. Thank you.

Ms.Ponka, Principal
Wm. G. Davis Jr. Public School, Scarborough, Ontario

- very informative
- students and staff enjoyed your presentations
- Mistral was so well behaved
- a pleasure to have at our school

Ms. McMulkin, Principal
Highcastle Public School, Scarborough, Ontario

According to the staff at Churchill, overall, the presentation was thorough and informative. Mrs. Yip has a great rapport with students and interacted well with all students from K-8 who participated. The staff would welcome the return of the program next year.

Ms. Dillinger, Principal
Churchill Heights Public School, Scarborough, Ontario

From all accounts, speaking to my staff and students, they really enjoyed Christine and Mistral's presentation. The information Christine shared was very worthwhile. Needless to say, Mistral was the "hit" of the presentation... sorry Christine! You are both welcome back next year.

David Milgram, Principal
Joseph Howe Senior Public School, Scarborough, Ontario

This has been a wonderful opportunity for students. The presentations were really well received and beneficial. We would like to thank the Foundation for Christine and Mistral - allowing them to spread the many positive fundaments of The Kindness Program.

Ruth Jory, Principal
Thomas L. Wells Public School, Toronto, Ontario

The response from your presentations by Christine were all very positive from both students and staff. I also consider this a valuable program and look forward to having it in my school again.

David Milgram, Principal
Joseph Howe Senior Public School, Scarborough, Ontario

Everyone that was involved in one of Christine's presentations with Mistral (Misty) was very impressed by the content and delivery of it. The students learned a lot and the teachers' comments were very positive, and enthusiastic. Thank you!

Ms. Ballentine, Principal
Fleming Public School, Toronto, Ontario

The Kindness Program was a beautifully crafted child-centered presentation. The presenters (Megan and Bella, Mary-Anne and Mya), paced the information according to the respective grade level and allowed for student participation. Some children who were previously scared of or dubious of dogs felt more comfortable in their company. The simplicity of the program was refreshing.

Jacquie Albright, Curriculum Coverage Teacher
St. Christopher’s Catholic School, Durham, Ontario

As always, it was wonderful to have Megan and Bella return to Percy Williams. Their visit was perfect because it is Bullying Prevention and Awareness Week. The Kindness Program really helps the students connect in an empathetic way. We look forward to continuing the partnership for years to come.

Tim Sullivan, Principal
Percy Williams Public School, Toronto, Ontario

Thank you for coming to St. Bede, Christine. The students clearly enjoyed your and Mistral’s visit to the classes, and they learned a lot about taking care of the planet and showing compassion for all living things.

Ms. Muir, Principal
St. Bede, Scarborough, Ontario

Christine and Mistral have been an important part of our school community, visiting our students and sharing their message of respect, responsibility and kindness.

-always professional, the team work well with staff and students.
-excellent program

Ms. Lim, Principal
Centennial Road Jr. Public School, Scarborough, Ontario

This program was everything I hoped for and more! Not only did Paul cover the importance of empathy for animals, but he spoke about other amazing facts about dogs such as when they were domesticated as well as their close links to wolves and coyotes. My students also learned responsible pet ownership and how their actions can affect the overpopulation crisis.

Kathy Saunders
Samuel Hearne Sr. P. S., Scarborough, Ontario

Loved having Paul and Bailey come to my new school! They continue to make students aware of their responsibilities when dealing with both their own pets and other animals in and around the community. Thanks again for coming. Want to have you both back next year!

Mr. Terminesi, Principal
Charles Gordon Sr. Public School, Scarborough, Ontario

Thank you for coming in to our school to share the importance of being kind to all animals. Our school has a better understanding of empathy and what it means to take on the responsibility of being a pet owner.

Mr. Kirsh
Dr. Marion Hilliard Senior Public, School, Agincourt, Ontario

Thanks so much, Paul, for your flexibility! Although I did not get to sit in on many of the presentations, I was very impressed by what I saw. It was very hands-on and I liked that you adjusted the simplicity of the presentation to suit the classes.

Diane Brown, Principal
Corvette Junior Public School, Scarborough, Ontario

Kendal and Karen did a great job with our students. For many kids, it is their first exposure to an animal. Please come back!

Jeff Little, Principal
Rene Gordon Health and Wellness, North York, Ontario

Karen and Paul, along with their four-footed companions, did an absolutely amazing job of promoting kindness and caring to the entire school. I love this program and wish we could have a permanent dog in the school! Thank you so very much!

Birch Cliff Heights Public School, Scarborough, Ontario

Simcoe County

An excellent program. Very well delivered. Our presenter was excellent with the students. Very worthwhile.

Nottawa Elementary School, Collingwood, Ontario

Great presentations, kids were focused and enjoyed the lessons. Thank you for visiting.

Tosorontio Public School, Everett, Ontario