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Today was a "ruff" day because I really miss going into your schools to meet all of you. I have to fill my days with activities at our house.

Most days I go for walks, play fetch, do some training and have 2 or 3 naps. I take my naps in different rooms in the house to self isolate because Gracie snores loudly and interrupts my dreams. Right now she sounds like a lawnmower. She is probably dreaming about treats.

I have been eating lots of nutritious food because Lynda is trying new recipes, only because she has so much time to cook now. Sometimes nutrition doesn't always taste great to our humans so Gracie and I get these special additions to our dinners. We also sit right beside Lynda and Bob during dinner, or when Lynda is cooking, in case some delicious morsel falls on the floor. There is hardly any need for Lynda to vacuum the floors because Gracie and I clean everything up each time.

My sister Gracie is pretty old. She's twelve years old and she doesn't want to go on long walks so I get to go alone with Lynda's husband Bob.

When I go for walks with my human Bob, we see lots of driveways with special chalk messages thanking people for working together to keep everyone safe during this time. That would be a great activity for some of you to try. Spread some messages of kindness.

There is a field behind our house and I usually bark when I see people walking out there. There have been lots of walkers visiting the field. Usually Lynda opens the door and yells, "Quiet!" when I bark. She doesn't always do that now because she knows that I'm just telling the walkers to make sure they are demonstrating social distance. They do a good job.

Sometimes we sit on the front porch and people will stand on the sidewalk and talk to us. Lynda now understands how much fun it is to see neighbours and why I get so excited when I see people out the front window, because she now misses her friends as well.

I think that all of you boys and girls are heroes. I know that you miss all your school friends and teachers and you have a new routine at home. Keep busy and stay healthy, safe and happy.

Remember that no matter where you are, that your kindness will always be special to those around you.

Miss you all.
Hope to see you soon!

Love Sophie (and Lynda)

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