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Are you wondering what our Kindness Dogs are up to while they are spending their time out of school? Students, teachers and parents can read stories about our Kindness Dogs in the these Dog Days diary entries.


Teddy Misses School

When Teddy and I finished presenting kindness classes to a school in Ottawa on a beautiful afternoon about one week before March break of this year, we looked at each other and knew we would not be coming back to school for another two weeks; little did we know then, we would still be home two months later. We enjoyed that school so much because we visit there every year and have come to know the staff and students very well.

Now, two months later, Teddy and I have the conversation quite often about the possibility of once again spreading the kindness, respect, empathy message in Ottawa schools. Teddy is much more optimistic about this than I, perhaps this is because...

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A Journal Update on Ellie

Hi everyone! How are you? Ellie and I miss seeing you at your school. I hope that you and your family are healthy and doing the best you can during this very different time.

Ellie has really been enjoying the company of our two daughters, since they are also at home and not at school, just like all of you. We take Ellie on lots of walks to give her plenty of exercise and so that we can also get the exercise we need to be healthy. Remember there are a lot of things about dogs...

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Greetings from Sadie

Hi girls and boys, I hope you are all doing some school work and also having some fun during this stay home time until the world gets rid of the virus!

If your school is in Pickering or Ajax you may remember me. I am Sadie the Kindness Dog! Carol, my 'dog mother' and I visited your school for many years.

Do you remember us visiting your classroom and talking to you about why KINDNESS...

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Sophie's "Ruff" Day

Today was a "ruff" day because I really miss going into your schools to meet all of you. I have to fill my days with activities at our house.

Most days I go for walks, play fetch, do some training and have 2 or 3 naps. I take my naps in different rooms in the house to self isolate because Gracie snores loudly and interrupts my dreams. Right now she sounds like a lawnmower. She is probably dreaming about treats.

I have been eating lots of nutritious food because...

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